I want to start drinking coffee for a few reasons, and i would like to know how it can effect the teeth.(i am talking about pure black instant coffee nothing but water added) i read online that it can help stop cavities from forming by killing bacteria but i also read that it is somewhat acidic, so is it good or bad? should i be careful when drinking not to let it get all around my mouth or are the antibactial benefits better than its acidity levels on tooth structure? Also should i be careful not to brush after drinking coffee if so how long? And should i also rinse my mouth with water before brushing? and after drinking coffee? sorry about all the question just curious Thanks

I have not found significant research to prove the antibacterial effect of coffee as an anticavity rinse. However, there is research showing that drinking black caffeinated coffee regularly significantly reduces the risks of many diseases.Chlorogenic acids in black coffee provide well documented antioxidant qualities that are healthy in moderation.There is even suggestion by the mayo clinic, that swishing with black coffee after a meal, when you are unable to brush, will help remove food particles from teeth if water is not available.
Recent studies have shown that Drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily reduces chances of type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, oral cancer, Parkinsons disease, and liver disease. Studies also show that drinking more than this amount can cause other health issues.
The acid found in coffee is 0.6mg of pantothenic acid, but it is buffered by the water in the beverage and in your saliva.
One thing to remember while drinking coffee is staining of teeth which allows plaque to stick more readily, and bad breath following consumption.Drink water after if you can, and try drinking coffee at a cooler temperature through a straw to decrease staining. Remember to brush your teeth and tongue well, and see your dentist regularly for cleanings.  


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