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For cosmetic reasons my dentist had decided to instal 2 veneers on the first front teeth and 2 crowns on the second front teeth. They are porcelain crowns and veneers. Immediately after the installation I have noticed that there is a gap between my gum and the crown of at least mm if not more. I can freely put my nail into the gap and feel and see a rim of my original tooth! Also this rim is yellow/brownish now. So I suspect that the crown was installed poorly because the other crown is installed better. I can fit the floss in between the gum and the tooth but not my nail.
So it bothers me because when I smile you can see the brownish rim and my gums also are sort of purplish... And this was supposed to be a cosmetic "improvement"
When I see someone smiling and having purplish gums I know right away that they have artificial teeth and I am conscious that others see mine and know I had it done.
Now, what choices do I have with minimizing or closing the gap and/or treatments available to make the brownish rims disappear and what to do with gums to get them pink and healthy back again?  
Many thanks!

Dear Eva,

Sometimes after a patient has crowns or porcelain veneers on their anterior teeth the gums can appear receded after the crowns are inserted. Sometimes this recession is temporary and sometimes it is not. If this happens on one of my patients I advise them to wait for about one year to see whether the gingiva "grows back". If after one year it doesn't rebound, and the appearance bothers the patient then replacing the restoration again maybe the best option since this will allow me to re-prepare the underlying tooth so that it won't show after the new restoration is inserted.

Purple gums indicate inflammation in the gingiva adjacent to the restorations. This can be due to a number of causes, including poor dental hygiene, excess cement, or poor margins of the dental restorations. This symptom is best addressed by your dentist. Why not go back to your dentist and ask him why your gums are purplish and ask for suggestions on what to do about it?  


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