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Hello, I've been having " first bite syndrome" for several years and my dentist says he never heard of it, but maybe you do. If not , it's when you take the first bite of anything and its like senses that under/around my ear go crazy and it's very painful and embarrassing . It only last for about 5sec and goes away . Only comes when I don't eat for a sort period of time. Make matters worse, I just had orthognatic surgery and it's like it made it worse. The pain at times literally brings me to my knees. Do you know anything about this? What is really called , anything ?

Hi marvin
I am so sorry for you state, but there is not much a dental doctor can do about fbs.
You need to visit a pain clinic and consult a neurophysician. However there is an excellent blog on fbs that i am posting below. Go through it.... It might help to read other people's experiences.

Best wishes
Dr mayank kaurani


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