Good day.   I have been suffering from headaches for years and years.  I just read an article on your website that sounded a bit like my situation. I have additional concerns.  I do go the dentist every six months and my teeth are fine. Im 52 yrs old.  Every now and then I've a cold or sinus infection and saw a doctor when it was bad and given antibiotics and everything got better, for awile.  My concern is I HAVE ALOT OF HEADACHES. I recently saw an ENT because my face, head, jaw and neck hurt. I thought something maybe wrong in my sinuses? I had allergy tests done a sinus xray and everything was clear and fine.  I heard my headaches could be from my teeth even though my check ups are fine? What other causes could my teeth and head and jaw and face pain be related too and or test should I seek to have done, please.   Thanks

In this case, all a dentist can do is to rule out dental causality. About the only thing that could cause those problems would be a tooth with a necrotic (dead) pulp that is causing infection in your bone or sinus. Often a posterior tooth is "pneumatized" where the sinus is very close to it and if there is an infection it communicates to the sinus. So, your dentist just has to check on the vitality of your teeth, with cold or an electric pulp tester. If they are all vital, then you need to see an EENT.


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