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I have a tooth filling for little over a year, it really hurts now. Some of the gum line below it was shaved off to drill and then add filling. The fillings is really close to the gum line. When it was first placed in I felt coldness afterwards, was told its normal, and it eventually stopped. How could a tooth with a fillings be infected? Will the x-ray show if the fillings was cracked, small, or not sealed? Could my infection had grown from the first day I got the fillings? Thanks.

After a gum line filling is placed most teeth are fine. Sometimes it is possible for the pulp to die afterwards and become infected. The infection is detected by the dentist in a number of ways. The patient may develop pain, swelling, be unable to sense cold in their tooth, or radiograph might show bone destruction around the apex of the tooth. Sometimes the x-ray will not show a problem. The best way for you to know if your filling is ok is to ask your dentist or seek a second opinion. If it is now not bothering you, why not wait until it is time for your exam and express your concerns to your dentist. He will probably be able to tell whether the tooth is OK.


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