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I have intermittent but intense pain raidiating from my ear, down my upper and lower jaw on my left side. The roof of my mouth sometimes aches with this, in addition to my cheekbone. It is sometimes accompanied by a headache. This came on suddenly and has been happening for about a week. When the pain goes away it goes completely, no underlying ache at all, and there seems to be no specific trigger before it comes back. I get no pain when I am eating and generally it eases when I lay down. I don't know if it is dental or something else but it is driving me absolutely crazy

this is something you will need to see your dentist to get a diagnosis. i cannot tell anything online without seeing you in person. but i will give you some things to ask about. first off, get some xrays taken to check for decay, bone health, and nerve health. from what you are describing it does not sound like a tooth issue, but getting the xrays will rule that out. once you are sure it is nothing to do with your teeth, here are some other possibilities: 1) check out your TMJ (joint and muscles that you chew with). moist heat and rest can help this out.  2) make sure you are not having any sinus issues. this can cause the symptoms you are describing.

i think it will be one of these three things: tooth, tmj, sinus...see if this information helps you out. but call your dentist and get in there right away to get things diagnosed and treated.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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