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Dr. I just went to a dentist because of toothache pain when eating sweets, and told him the white filling in my molar was probably leaking because it was very old. He did not take a bite wing, but examined the tooth and said everything was alright. but there maybe a chip around the old filling. I  still have pain. Should I go to another dentist? The other one has been a dentist for 20 yrs. Thanks

i would get an xray of the area to check for decay. there can be other reasons for sensitivity other than decay. one is simple gum recession. it will cause sweet and cold sensitivity. a crack will produce cold and chewing pain. decay is usually cold and sweet pain. a nerve issue is usually heat pain and spontaneous pain. the xray will show decay and nerve issues. recession and cracks are found with clinical exams.

this should help when you either go back to that dentist or get a second opinion.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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