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I am in my 40's and noticed more of my gums receding after childbirth. I now see a periodontist every three months.  I haven't seen one in over six months.  I brush, floss and use a proxibrush every night.  Recently my top back tooth became loose.  I am seeing a periodontist tomorrow.  What are my options?  I have spaces between several of my teeth, hence the use of a proxibrush.  I have had a total of eight gum surgeries, two each on top, bottom, left and right.  The dentist that I saw recommends that the periodontist do gum surgery and extract the tooth.  I don't know anything else about bone implants or bridge.  I want to be prepared tomorrow.  It seems that I am prone to gum disease, even with all the care.  What can I do to be more aware in my care. What can the periodontist recommend that would be beneficial.  Please help, thank you.

Amy -  From your description of your periodontal problems, it definitely sounds like an extraction of that tooth is warranted.  In my experience, those of us to get recurrent episodes of significant periodontal disease, even though they are cleaning very well, should also be examined for diabetes.  I am not saying that you have it, but with your attentiveness to keeping the gums and teeth clean and still getting problems, a physical exam by a physician is warranted ---JUST IN CASE.

The periodontist, besides instructing you in cleaning of the teeth, should also administer or prescribe and antibacterial mouthrinse.  Periodontal disease is from bacteria.

So I may be off base, but safe is important.  I really wish you well and hope a reversal of the periodontal disease is possible.


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