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Dr. I have lost all my lower ridge, and alot of bone. I replaced my old partial with a new metal one, but after a month it has also sunken down, and it is hard to chew food. This dentist barely put any acrylic on it at all. He said my gums would toughen up, and he would not add more. Do you think if I had a reline by another dentist it would stay built up,and not sink down, or would I be wasting my money? Thank You

this has to be examined in person by the dentist...i cannot tell you why this is happening so quickly. perhaps a soft reline will make it feel better and fit better but those need replacement periodically. i would definitely get a second opinion and see what each dentist says. perhaps a specialist could be of help...they are called prosthodontists and are denture specialists. i hope these ideas help out. good luck

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