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Dentistry/Lump on Jaw 10 Days After Extraction


I am a 22 year old female. I got 3 wisdom teeth extracted on January 11th and the healing process has been irritating. After I got my suchers out a week later the pain finally subsided and The swelling had completely gone away soon after. I have a deep hole on my bottom right witch I flush several times a day with a syringe they provided me, but on my bottom left the hole is not even there. It's covered up by what looks like a gnarled mess of gums. I feel Like there should be hole there as well because I know the roots were just as long as my right side. Anyway, on that same side on my jaw bone, I feel a hard lump. It doesn't necessarily hurt but I can feel it when I open my mouth to try and eat. It feels like a lot of pressure and the teeth on that side are still sensitive when I try to chew anything. I'm worried that the hole closed up, sealing all this fluid inside my tooth hole. Could that be what that hard lump is? My next follow up is not until the 30th so I'm also wondering if I should call them. It doesn't hurt when I push on the lump It just hurts more on the surface of my gums in that area.

Anna -  Definitely contact them, but until you see them, in addition to the syringe, you need to rinse both sides of your mouth for about 2-3 minutes, 4-5 times a day.  That will usually help to reduce that uncomfortable sensation and soften the lump.  You need to see the doctors before the 30th to insure that the lump is not an inflammation that might eventually get infected.


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