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Dentistry/Meryland bridge to restore two lower anteriors


I have two cases in which lower central anteriors were extracted. Patients do not want to have a removable partial and cannot afford implants. Could you give your opinion about replacing two central incisors with a Maryland bridge, I think this will be lees invasive than preparing the laterals for full crown and have a 4 crown bridge made. Do you have experience with Maryland bridges? and suggestions for preparation techniques?

thanks for you help

They are usually fine but can fail if the patient has a deep bite, grinds, or has a heavy protrusive.  Restoring that area is tricky, it is hard to make a fixed bridge and get the laterals right as they are so small anyhow. Almost better to extract the laterals unless they are in perfect shape bone wise. If you were to do implants you had better have a damn good surgeon place them or restoring them will be a nightmare. In other words, it is easier to replace 4 lower anteriors with a bridge or implants, with 2 the Maryland should suffice.


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