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QUESTION: Hello. I am currently on 90 mgs of Methadone once daily. I have to have MAJOR dental work done tomorrow morning. My dentist did not discuss laughing gas or anything with me. Although, the nurse did discuss Halcion at a dose that is lower than my Klonopin and and will do me no good and they are charging quite a bit for it. Is it safe to use the Nitrous Oxide while on Methadone?

ANSWER: as far as i know, it is fine to have nitrous oxide while on methadone...but ask your dentist and more importantly ask your doctor. you always should check with your doctor before you take anything since you are on methadone. i would review all of your medicines (you mentioned klonopin). do not mix anything without telling everyone. good luck

jeff dalin, dds

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QUESTION: Thank you. Yes. I am also on Klonopin. Haven't taken any Monday night. I am also on Welbutrin and Seroquel. I found out today, about some major interactions between the Seroquel and the Welbutrin, as well as the Methadone. Dr who prescribed all, knew I was on the Methadone. I haven't taken the Seroquel steady enough to have to taper off, so that's good news. But as for tomorrow, I'm going to go with just the Nitro, and wait until it wears off to take my Methadone dose and wait til bedtime for my Welbutrin. From now on, the Seroquel is OUT. Thanks again!

you definitely need to do a drug review with your MD or maybe even a pharmacist. it is always good to sit down and check everything you are taking to make sure there are no interactions between them. plus you will also find out best time/way to take them, etc. it is good to write it all down so you can show them to new doctors, dentists, etc.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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