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Hi, I have a tooth which has been slightly tender for a while now, however over the last two days, this pain has increased considerably. It is one particular tooth, when I touch it is very painful, however I have noticed that the main pain is coming from the top of my gum where it attaches to the skin, I am also feeling pain just under my nose and up to my cheekbone, it is my fourth tooth from the top front right. Nothing feels particularly swollen just very sore to touch, even noticing it when I smile now. Could you help at all?


Sorry to hear about dental issues.  Hard to diagnose based on the information you provided.  It may be sinusitis (you can try to take a nasal decongestant to see if that relieves the pain in the teeth and cheekbone area).  I suggest you contact a general dentist or endodontist to check the teeth for an infection.

Hope this helps,
KG Amin

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