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Dentistry/Temporary filling with eugenol safe if pregnant?


QUESTION: Hi I was at the dentist recently and had a temporary filling (irm with eugenol (clove oil) placed. Because I am 8 weeks pregnant my dentist thought it would be better to remove decay but finish restorative later after baby is born. I have since heard that clove oil should not be used if pregnant at any medicinal dose. Is the temporary filling unsafe for my developing baby? What is considered medicinal? How much is used for a small filling? And does it continue to Leach out in saliva or is it inert now that its placed?

Thank you, concerned mom to be

ANSWER: According to The National Institute of Health (NIH)-Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Clove seems to be safe when taken by mouth in food amounts. But pregnant or breast-feeding women should not take clove in medicinal doses. Not enough is known about the safety of using these larger amounts.
The amount of clove oil in a sedative filling is 1 drop from a dropper, not a medicinal dose, A medicinal dose would be taking straight liquid by mouth or rubbing the oil on the skin. The eugenol (clove oil) does leak into saliva in minute amounts. The amount is about what you would get if you occasionally ate a clove.
The best and safest time to do dental work is second trimester, weeks 12-25. I would not suggest leaving a temporary filling through your entire pregnancy. I would suggest scheduling an appointment during your second trimester to have the permanent filling placed. You may need to find a dentist who understands pregnancy better. If you leave the temporary filling for too long, it can break, re-decay, or cause the tooth to breakdown. I do not understand why, the tooth decay was removed, you must have been numb, but the final filling was not replaced at that time???
Please know, that it is safe and encouraged to have dental cleanings during any time of your pregnancy. Oral hygiene needs to be increased at home and at the dental office. Gum inflammation (gingivitis), and periodontal problems are very likely due to the large influx of hormones, gum disease can effect your baby's birth weight and cause preterm birth.
I hope that I have fully answered all of your questions, best of luck to you and congratulations!!

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QUESTION: Thank you for your response. I do have another question, Is there more danger to the baby if dental work is preformed in first trimester or is it because of litigation reasons if some thing happens because of the high rate of problems in first trimester?and would you recommend a tooth colored composite be placed?

ANSWER: Hi, sorry for the delay in response, I have been away with my family.
The reason for waaiting for second trimester is, that the major organs have developed, and there is less chance of causing issue to your developing baby. In 1st trimester, everything important is forming, so only cleanings and emergency care are recommended, all else should wait for the safe time. I am assuming that you were in some sort of pain to have that filling started, but I would recommended having it filled with a tooth colored filling during 2nd trimester. Remember, if your dentist is not comfortable with this, you should seek out a dentist more confident in this area. Waiting may end up with you needing a root canal in your third trimester.Third trimester dental work can cause a preterm birth.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your help. I have heard the the bpa present in most tooth colored composite resins can be dangerous to a developing fetus. Can you recommend specific brands you have experience with that would be appropriate ( bpa free)  for an expecting mother?  I am currently finding it difficult to find a dentist that carries a bpa free product. I there a reason for this? Are there other concerns with these products?

You are correct about bpa, however, these are relatively recent issues that have come to surface. People have been so concerned about amalgam, that they did not want to look at the possibility of more danger from composites.Many dentists are unaware of the research, and have not even begun to think about replacement materials. There are bpa free composite materials such as Voco's Admira.
AdmiraŽ is a highly esthetic universal micro-hybrid composite for anterior and posterior fillings, and is BPA-free.Another,Venus Diamond Flow is a flowable, nanohybrid composite from Heraeus which is also BPA free. Ask your dentist to use these materials if possible.  


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