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What is this tissue in between the front teeth? Is this part of the gum it is it because I have a large fernilum? Should I be concerned about it? It's been this way for years.

ANSWER: KIm -  A frenum is a vestigial (tissue that has ancestral history, but is usually not longer needed)organ.  We don't use them and in many this tissue can extend between the teeth, like in your situation.  This tissue often prevents the front two teeth to come together.  It is not dangerous, but the removal of the frenum is often done for cosmetic reasons to allow the teeth to be pulled together.  Also, in some, this tissue pulls the gum away from the teeth and allows periodontal conditions to develop in some.

So it is not always removed, but often it is done to promote teeth coming together and prevention of gum inflammation in the area.

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QUESTION: So this is actually the fernilum extending down inbetween my teeth it's not my gum and doeant have anything to do with gingivitist?

Kim  -  It is not gingivitis or any gingival inflammation.  It is a "normal" area of tissue that, in some, is prone to inflammation if the attention to keeping it clean is not met.  So because of the area, it is prone to inflammation and your job is to keep it clean with brushing and flossing of the area.  


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