Hi DR Gold, for years now i have  tender ckeek bone on the right.
i have 4 root cannals upper right. My cheek gets swollen and hot
.its just a constant ache.some times it goes away for for months then comes  dentist keeps adjusting my bite and my
crowns on top and bottom are showing metal on bite still does not feel like im hitting right. i also have a night guard
he tells me to wear. i keep thinking my root cannals under the upper right teeth are bad but he seems to think jaw pops some times but not always .does this mean i have tmj.
does tmj get sore and swollen.Dont know where to go.i dont get headaches but it feels like im in a spasm

Lawrence Gold Somatics
Lawrence Gold Somatics  

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Hanna Somatic Educatio  
Hi, Ann,

I've answered your questions in a series of brief article on TMJ Dysfunction.

So, first step:  read them.

Then, we can talk, some more.

In brief, any dental work triggers muscular cringe responses in the muscles of biting and chewing and in the neck, the muscles of breathing, and even in the legs.  Other symptoms follow.

The articles say more:,1.htm  


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