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HI Dr Elsafi,
Thanks for taking my question.

I am in my early thirties. In my twenties, I had healthy,naturally straight teeth and a wide smile with no jaw/joint/clicking or popping issues. A dentist advised me to extract my fully-erupted wisdom teeth-three in total. Around the same time, the same dentist performed a root canal and placed a crown in my upper-left last molar. That was in 2005. Since then, I have noticed that my jaw is increasingly stiff,painful and grinds with little movement, my teeth are shifting and forming gaps and that my smile is narrow with shadows. I also have difficulty finding a comfortable "space" to "rest" my teeth. I suspect this filling/crown could be the issue?Would you classify this as TMJ? Would you recommend seeing a general dentist or a Prosthodontist for the prognosis? would an adjustment of the crown somewhat alleviate this symptoms? and lastly, can the removal of wisdom teeth cause TMJ or even worse, collapse of the dental arch?

Thank-you for your time.

I think that the crown could be the issue. Not that the dentist did anything wrong, but it is documented that some people who get a crown made, specially if it is the last crown on that side, start to develop TMJ problems. The reason being is the condyle on that side seat more in the TMJ once that tooth is shaved down.

I would definitely recommend seeing a prosthodontist who should be able to confirm what I mentioned above. Based on the findings, adjustment, sometimes, could alleviate the symptoms.

Removal of wisdom teeth could cause teeth drifting in people who have periodontal (gum) disease, but that usually takes years to happen. There are other causes, for example, clenching and/or grinding your teeth at night could cause drifting too. Again when you see a prosthodontist he/she should be able to confirm that.

Hope this helps.

Good luck,
Dr. Elsafi


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