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Hello, just had a metal filling replaced and after the fact found out my dentist no longer uses metal but white resin.  I was shocked that white was used without even informing me and now 10 days later tooth hurts along with being insanely sensitive and having to take ibuprofen all day. Just saw him today and he says even though a new X-ray shows my filling isn't that close to nerve that I need a route canal right away.  I am shocked because the metal filing I had for 10 years never bugged me and only had a small crack that occasional food got stuck on and now because of my dentist wanting to do a preventative filling I am looking at a route canal and crown.  He swears that the white resin has nothing to do with my sensitivity but I was told by a friend who just had the same thing happen that her dentist said white resin is my prone to hurting the pulp and causing this problem leading to a route canal.  Should I be upset my dentist never even told me he was doing a white in place metal?  I have used Jim for 7 years and turn down white and go for the metal for my entire family every time because we can afford it. I feel like he should has informed me he was using white which I would have rejected again and should have told me that there is a higher risk of the white making my tooth more sensitive and leading to future problems.  Should I be upset??? I am confused and don't know what to do. He have me a prescription to start on mess for route canal he wants me to schedule tomorrow but I don't know if I can trust him. Once I do the route canal I will be forced to fork over the $500 for the crown and I can't afford it. I feel like by him using this white resin he has caused damage that can not be taken back.    Thank you. Michael

The white filling didn't cause your root canal.I routinely use these restorative materials and sometimes the tooth will require a root canal.That's because the tooth was sick to start with even if it felt fine before the procedure was started once the tooth is excavated in select cases it could be inflamed irreversibly and that could lead to a root canal.I didn't treat the tooth so I don't know what your dentist started with or what transpired post op.If you trust your dentist you should be having this discussion with him.If you don't trust him find a dentist you do trust.


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