Ive been experiencing mouth pain and headaches and chest sensitivity for many years now.

Ive been referred to dental hospital a few times but since my symptoms are so general, and because they cant see much on the xrays, they always discharge me.

Recently Ive found that if I saltwash after every meal for 5 minutes, and if I use Corsodyl mouthwash twice a day, then my headaches drop massively, my mouth pain in the back lower teeth area and bone stops, and my breathing is smooth and theres no chest sensitivity.

I do have some lower jaw horizontal bony impaction wisdom teeth, and this is where the bony ache comes from, and all my molars nearby have got deep fillings. However, the hospital refuse to take them out, as they are concerned my headaches are from something else, and they dont want to provoke more problems.

Do you think the mouthwashing should make them change their mind?

Also, in all honesty, it feels like there is bacteria getting into my blood from my mouth, and its from somewhere in the lower left part of my mouth, and it could be from first molar which has a deep fillin via a cracked tooth perhaps, or from the impacted wisdom tooth in the bone. This is where the pain seems to first re-start from, after the Corsodyl has worn off.

Is it possible for bacteria to get around the body in this way, but fail to be detected on xrays, or blood tests? Is that why they are missing this? Or am I just way off the real problem?

What do you think?


Hi Valentine,
I wish I had an answer for your, but I'm not sure what it is either without doing a clinical exam and reviewing the X-ray.
If you think it's something related to your wisdom teeth, you should seek out an Oral Surgeon for a consultation.



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