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I live in Sarasota,Fl, I have had an 8 tooth bridge since the age of 18, was the result of an abusive x-husband, I have had it replaced twice in the last 35 years, was able to work then.It recently broke and I have metal sticking out from my tooth it was attached to, and I haven,t smile, talked to hardly anyone for sometime now, I am on disability, have terrible credit, I just want to smile again, and the metal is making lumps on my gums. Do you or anyone know of any programs here that may be able to help me, I only get 966.00 a mt and can barely get by as is, but if i had to would cut back as much as possible to make monthly payments to anyone willing to help me, Thank you, Kandie  p.s. I really want to smile again!

Hello Kandie,

I am really sorry to hear about your situation. I wish I knew the exact nature of the fracture of the appliance.  I suggest you contact social services in Sarasota for advice as to programs in your area that might help.  There are many practitioners that are willing to assist with such situations as yours and there are also alternative ways to restore your smile.  It is possible the bridge which you currently have can be repaired depending on how it's broken.  I wish I could be of more help Kandie and if nothing else get in to see your dentist and have him do something, even temporarily to prevent further injury to your mouth.

Dr. Karmen


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