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Dear Doctor,
         I am adopting good hygiene in my teeth.twice brushing,using floss everyday.I have good lower jaw teeth no 25 has one problem.i couldn't remove calci buildup by brushing.last 2 year before i went for dental cleaning and remove 90 percent of builtup. but again it accumulated. The built up calci going down and now it is near bottom gum area.what is the outlook of this problem.Am i going to loose my teeth?if i loose that teeth,can i implant front teeth? so for no pain,no shaking.


Hello Kumar,

I am happy to know you have adopted good hygiene but even with the best of home care this deposit still will often happen.  This is because of the location of a saliva duct just behind them and it bathes these teeth in solutions which eventually cause some calculus buildup.  This cannot be removed by brushing and must be removed professionally, and I am surprised when you said that only 90% was removed as this is usually removed 100%.  I suggest you go very regularly, perhaps every three months for professional cleanings because certain people just need this done more frequently.  To answer your other question,the outlook for this tooth is normal, and it will be fine if the material is consistently removed, should you ever lose that tooth for any reason then an implant can be placed if you have enough bone to support it.

Dr. Karmen


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