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Hello Dr. Teig,

On my last check-up (23 Oct), I was told that my bottom left tooth ( I believe it is #18 or #19)  was cracked.  The crack is on the biting surface in one of the crevices.  I do not have any pain.  My dentist told me that if it begins to bother me I will need a crown.  When I asked if that also meant I would need a root canal, she said no.  My question is two-fold:  if it begins to hurt should I have a root canal?  Is it best to get the crown done before I have any problems?

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Joe-Joe not all teeth that hurt need root canal treatment. A painful tooth can occur if the decay eats through the enamel layer of a tooth and begins to eat into the deeper layer that has nerve tissue that will produce the pain  if irritated.  Unless the decay eats through the underlying dentin layer and into the nerve in the middle of the tooth root canal treatment is usually not necessary. If it hurts and throbs root canal treatment is usually not necessary.  Your dentist might see the decay goes deeper and then root canal might be necessary.

A crown is good, if the decay has structurally weakened the tooth a crown is necessary to prevent the tooth falling apart and decaying more.  So your dentist might see on xray extensive underlying decay thatth.


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