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Due to a gap in between 2 crowns that were allowing food to be trapped all the time, my dentist said he would replace one crown to fix the gap. Last weekend I had the crown removed and a temp crown put on. Its almost a week a later and my jawline is still sore to the touch and slightly swollen, plus a bruise on the outside of my cheek. Its not real painful or anything just noticeably there. Is that normal?  
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Hello Kelly,

I am not sure what method was used to remove the crown from your tooth but it's possible that the effort that was made has caused this problem.  I would not say it's normal, especially since you were bruised.  I have seen this happen after an extraction or occasionally if an injection happens to break a blood vessel but I don't think I've seen it in cases such as yours. If you can be a bit more specific on the technique used to remove the crown I might be able to answer you better. It's not normal for this discomfort but I don't think there is a reason for concern as I'm pretty confident that it will all resolve.


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