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I had two root canals, one performed in high school 25 years ago and the other in 2004 due to a mouth piece football issue. In 2004, I had a crown place on it, but in 2010, I had it replaced. I have recently experienced a weird taste of pus and metal from the area of the crown whenever I eat or floss. The smell and taste is a very similar to what I experienced from the drainage during my root canal years ago. I went to two area dentist for an exam.

The first dentist took x-ray and didnít notice anything significant on the x-ray. I mentioned to the doc that there was slight movement in the crown when you grab it firmly and force it back in forth with you fingers. You have to really force it though. He prescribed me an antibiotic and set a return date one month out. The next day, I went to my former dentist and had him take a look. He took an x-ray and did his basic exam. His conclusion was that I immediately needed an implant or bridge. He has assumed that the tooth underneath is broken underneath the crown within the post. I asked him to give me a percentage of certainty that it is broken but he wouldnít however he says I need to get a crown or bridge. He then suggested that I not wait but go ahead and arrange an appointment because the crown could come out at the worst opportune time. He then sent me to his secretary to price out implants and bridges. I then asked him if I should be on an antibiotic until I make a decision and he said no. He said that I should just move forward with the procedure and get a temporary and proceed forward.

His secretary quoted $3000 for a bridge and $5500 for an implant without insurance. My guess is that he is jumping the gun and trying to make a big pay day off of me. The first dentist immediately placed me on an antibiotic (Amox 500mg) for 10 days then to monitor the situation until November 13, 2013. He didnít think that the movement was significant enough to panic as the second dentist has. What is your general opinion of the situation and how would you have proceeded in this situation?

I agree with the first dentist, I don't see any reason to panic as it does not appear there is infection, it's true that it could break off if it is already cracked,but it there are other reasons for tooth mobility.  I would not be in any rush to take it out and begin extensive work. I suggest you follow the advice of the first dentist you saw.

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