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Dr. I would like to know why now days, when someone gets a new denture, or a reline, or a rebase, taken with good impressions from a dentist, the denture comes back very thin in all the spots where the pressure is when one chews. It is always thick in the back, and very close to the upper teeth. I have went to 3 different dentists in the different area's in my city, and it is the same thing. I think it is greed from the lab's. These dentists all have some answer, when I complain. Many years ago, I had a denture that lasted for 15 years with out a single reline, or rebase. Now it is twice a year for relines. Also, I have no  issues with bone or ridge problem's. Thank You

without seeing this in person, i cannot give you any definitive answer. i cannot quite picture what you are describing. but if you want a good answer, make an appointment with a prosthodontist. these are dental specialists who deal with dentures. they go an extra two years graduate school for this. see if this helps...another option would be getting an opinion at a dental school. they have professors there who specialize in this.

i hope these ideas help. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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