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Dentistry/i need help to treat diagnose and treat post rct pain


dear colleague :
33 old female patient came to my clinic complaining of toothache  (upper right premolar ). after examination  i decided to perform root canal treatment . after obturation , i filled the tooth with composite filling . after 4 days the patient came back complaining of moderate pain from the tooth . priapical view x.ray was don and no abnormality detected . i removed the composite filling and the guttapercha . after examination the pain  was revealed when probing the lingual wall of the pulp chamber ,that is seemed to be reddish in color unlike what i have seen in other access cavity . so i have assumed that i removed to much from the pulp chamber (perforation). what should i do .

The tooth is first or second PREMOLAR ?
First premolars usually have 2 canals.
if it is only perforation use MTA to fill the perforation, and fill the canal after there is no symptoms.
If you can, send me a picture of the tooth and the xray

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