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I had my wisdom teeth taken out 5 days ago and I am still having numbness and tingling in my lower left lip and chin. I called my oral surgeon because I didn't think this was normal and he told me that I signed the consent and that this was a risk and to follow up with him next week. I am having a slight burning feeling and it will randomly tingle throughout the day. I was just wondering if the burning sensation and tingling was a good thing or if it doesn't mean anything? I also have noticed that when I move my jaw a certain way I get a shooting sensation through my lip. Please help answer my questions!

Victoria -  Of course, without viewing xrays of the area I cannot determine if the nerve was traumatized, but from your symptoms it seems that your nerve was not severed, it was definitely traumatized and it might have been cut a little bit.  

The fact that there is a burning sensation is actually a good sign and shows that the nerve was not cut  completely through, The shooting sensation seems to mean that there is something resting on the nerve and movement accentuates and irritates the nerve.  

I suggest that your surgeon send you for an MRI of the nerve.  If it shows that there is something resting on the nerve, it most likely will need a surgery to removed the cause of the problem before it potentially gets cut through completely.  So speak with the surgeon and have him have your jaw in the area of the surgery evaluated by an MRI.


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