For the past 4 years I have been experiencing constant head tingling and head pressure.
The head tingling is a weird sensation which feels like constant small vibrations across my eye brows, all the way to the back of my scalp.

My GP told me these are anxiety symptoms and put me on paxil, then Effexor. After no change I was sent to see a neurologist, had an mri and CT scan, all found nothing.

I then saw a psychiatrist who said it could be depression and put me on Cymbalta.

**First Time:**
I was at work and all of a sudden I experienced a moment of complete loss of balance and had to hold on to something stable. This vertigo sensation lasted a couple more days, at random moments, but I have been having the head tingling/head pressure since.

*Paxil (Paroxitine) 20mg - Stayed on this for 6 months. The head tingling came every other day but it did reduce the intensity.
*Paxil 40mg - 1 year - Basically the same as above.
*Effexor 75mg & 150mg - No change.
*Paxil 40mg - same as above.
*Cymbalta 60mg - Felt the biggest relief from this, improved mood but still getting them.
*Cymbalta 120mg - Where im at now and experiencing it bad lately.

The only thing I feel reduces these symptoms is sleep and I only attribute this to being able to rest more on the weekend's and I experience this less.

My Dr and dentist both told me I should get a mouth guard for TMJ.

any help is MOST appreciated.

it sounds like you have had plenty of diagnostic tests and nothing seems to be finding anything concrete. now you are asking if a night guard can help out. i nor any other dentist will promise anything here, but here is how i am looking at this. why not try? you have tried all sorts of other things and nothing seems to be working. a night guard is non-invasive. all you do is take impressions of upper and lower teeth and make a plastic appliance that you place on upper teeth right before going to sleep. who knows? maybe it will work. but you do not lose anything by trying...and like i said, this is simple and noninvasive. good luck and i hope things improve.

jeff dalin, dds


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