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For the last three days my top row of teeth on both sides have been experiencing dull, achy pain.  My gums around them have become inflamed as well.  It feels like a lot of pressure and as odd as it may sound, it feels as though my teeth are being pushed up into my gums further.  Since this began I have been having a very dull headache off and on and dull pain jolting up my face/cheek bones to my forehead.  I am not experiencing any sinus issues in the least.  I have pretty good oral hygeine so I can't imagine it being a disease such as peridontal disease or anything.  I do not have insurance so any advice or OTC that could help would be greatly appreciated so I can get a little relief and so I can eat again.

it really sounds like sinus issues...they get inflamed and swollen and push on the teeth. here is a trick i tell my patients...if you bend over and stand up fast, do you feel the pressure. that usually means sinus issue. here is another test...if you take a sinus medicine like sudafed and the pain gets better, then it is sinus problem. those medicines have no effect on teeth.

now perhaps it is a gum issue. you need to get into your dentist and have everything checked. first he/she will rule out teeth. then you might have some xrays taken. the gums can be examined by measuring spaces around them (and the bone levels checked on the X-rays).

if all checks out, it might end up being a sinus issue.

make the call and get in there ASAP...good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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