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Greetings Dr.Kong

About 2 weeks ago I went to get a root canal procedure, I was injected with novocaine on the roof of my mouth and it developed into a discolored, bump as well as discoloration (bruising) of the roof of my mouth. After eating some food, the bump popped and I developed a sort of yellowish/greenish scab of sorts that covered up the area that was exposed.

Now, about 3 days ago that scab fell out and now I just have an open wound about the size of a tooth on the roof of my mouth. There is no discoloration or inflammation at all, just an open wound that only hurts "burning" when I eat or drink anything.  It doesn't seem to be reducing in size, so I have two questions.

1. Will this eventually go away on it's own, and is it going to disfigure that top part of my mouth?

2. Why is it taking so long to heal?

It's odd to have a scab form on the roof of your mouth from a root canal procedure.

1) It should eventually go away on it's own.  The soft tissue can up to 1 month to fully mature upon injury so if the discomfort lingers for 2 more weeks, I would get it check out with the dentist.

2) Some people take a bit longer to heal than others - different people have different physiology.  Also, if you have any systemic issues (ie diabetes, etc) that could also slow healing.



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