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I had a tooth pulled a week ago number 18 now there is bone coming out the side of my jaw very painful i returned to my dentist he refured me to an oral surgeon for alveoplasty why did this happen ? How much will this cost ? Will it come back after the alveoplasty is done ? Thank you

Stephanie - the exposure of bone after an extraction in the region you had it usually means that the dentist either was rough or he did not treat the area of the extraction properly after the extraction.  Usually during a proper extraction, the bone surrounding the tooth expands outward and allows the tooth room to loosen and be extracted.  After the expansion of the bone, many dentists forget or don't know  enough to squeeze the bone back into position.  Well, if left, pain often develops and the area is irregular requiring an alveoplasty or smoothing of the bone to allow the gum tissue covering the tooth to be smooth.  If done correctly it will not come back.  

The fee is variable and depends on the amount of bone and the difficulty of gaining access.  It could be a little as $100 or it could $500.  My feeling, if the dentist made the error he should pay for it.  I don't know if that is correct, but most likely you will be charged.


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