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Dentistry/brushing technique?


I am very confused about the proper technique to brushing teeth. Is it smal circles on the outside of teeth? I read you tip the brush on a angle and brush the gums. For awhile I was brushing up and down on thr outside do you try not to brush gums while brushing up and down? Also what about the inside of the mouth on the sides?

There are many different techniques. The key is cleaning each surface of every tooth. Our favorite method is lay brush at 45 degree angle  at the gum line and give it slight jiggle then roll stroke down. Small circles are fine as long as you don't scrub too hard. You need to start your stroke at the gum line. That is the key. Ask you dental hygienist to review your technique next time you are in. Also visit This is education site of American Dental Association. Good luck

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