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My 5 yr old son, has a double tooth in the bottom front.  The dentist has said that his adult teeth underneath are not fused, however.  The double tooth has been wobbly, however he got knocked in the mouth today and it started bleeding bad.  It is not ready to come out though, as you can see one side of the double tooth is still connected to gums.  My concern is the canal of the tooth is filling with yucky blood..can this start an infection?  Does he need to go to the doc in the am?  Or will this just eventually fall out with no harm.  I don't want him to get an infection that can lead to his heart.  Am I worrying to much?

I would put your mind at ease and get into your dentist. I cannot quite envision what you are describing here. But I always tell my patients to no hesitate calling me for anything. Why worry. Maybe it is time for that baby tooth to go. That is what it sounds like to me. I do not think infection is an issue here but get on in to your dentist and have it examined. Good luck

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