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I am writing to find out if this is a common occurrence or is this something out of the norm, any information that you can provide for me would be appreciated. On September 30th of 2013 I had my remaining bottom teeth extracted by an oral surgeon, approx. 10 bottom teeth. I tried wearing my new dentures but have been unable to, first because they were ill fitted and now because of this new problem. Around the beginning of November I started having some pain in my lower jaw on the R side, I tried rinsing my mouth out with salt water to no avail. I went to see my dentist and after having some x-rays taken it showed that there is a root tip still lodged in my gum. My gum is swollen and I also have an abscess in the area inside my mouth, could this all be because of the root tip. It has been six weeks since my initial teeth removal and now I need to have another surgery to extract this root tip. I am upset because I am going to have to stop my Plavix again for three days and the first time I suffered horrible pain. My dentist also said that he "quote" ( would have to dig around for it) "unquote". Any information you can forward to me would be very much appreciated. Sincerely Louise

The surgeon should have advised you that a root tip was left.  It sounds like it needs to be removed.  If you are having issues with dentures, see a prosthodontist, they specialize in dentures.  Many dentists do not make them right. I know also a couple of general dentists who are good in the Pittsburgh area, are you near there?


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