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Dentistry/small crack in lower wisdom tooth near nerve


QUESTION: Hello, It has become evident after quite a long while of suffering pain on biting (7 months) and then later, constant tooth/jaw/ear/head ache that I have a small horizontal crack half way down wisdom tooth (lower left)  My dentist had filled it and (bonded?) it, and told me it may take 2 weeks for the nerve to settle. He said if the pain gets worse it needs to be extracted, if its better that may be ok, or if it niggles, we should crown it.
My question really is how long will it last with verses without crowning, and do people have wisdom teeth crowned?  I have never heard of this.  Why would he not just take it out?  I have a filling next to this tooth, and a gold inlay on the next tooth along.  I am worried as all my teeth seem to be hurting, in fact more than the one supposedly giving me the trouble!  I need some advice as to what is the best thing to do, and why.  Can you help?  Regards,  Louise

ANSWER: hi lou
its awfull to be suffering wisdom tooth niggles.
cracks in all teeth can be quite a problem. your dentist is right if it settles down then ok otherwise get it knocked off. there is no point in going through crowns etc.... however it can be done. but if this crack is deeper than it looks then you had it.... you might have to undergo root canal and stuff like that before the crown can be done.
in my part of the world removal of wisdom tooth is rather convenient, but i guess its just that MORE CONVENIENT
keep your fingers crossed and watch it for a couple of days. take a few painkillers  to help you tide over  this phase.
best wishes
dr m

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QUESTION: Thank you, that was helpful.  Can I just ask.......due to a small crack near the nerve in that wisdom tooth, I was told wait a couple of weeks to see if pain subsides....which very slowly it seems to be, but I have noticed I get pain in lots of teeth that side, rather than feeling it in the offending tooth!  Is this normal or is it suspect of problems in other teeth? Sensitivity (almost pain) on hot and cold sets it off, but it then remains constant for a long while.  Im beginning to feel as though I will have this pain forever!
Can I clarify that you are saying if tooth settles down, good but if not, best take it out rather than crown etc?
Will taking one wisdom tooth out mean disaster for the rest of my bite?
Also, how long will the tooth last if filling has been sucessful?
Thank you


hi lou
its not uncommon for toothache to get reffered to teeth on the same side cos anatomically the main nerve sends of branches to each tooth that cause this mixup of signals and jumbled pain.
removal of wisdom tooth wont cause any imbalance in your bite but yes over a period of years the opposite wisdom tooth will drift and shift necessiating a removal (our teeth function in pairs, so loss of one causes others to move). other than that there are noissues.
dr m


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