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hi I got a double crown less than a year ago and the least I can say it wasn't successful pain and gum inflation it even fell it out once but my dr said it was ok and just put some medical glue and it's back on.
however I had an appointment to remove it and get it retreated by another Dr. but for my bad luck I started to feel strong pain two days ago and today I woke up with a swollen face and pain!
my dr. advised me on phone to apply warm cloth on it and continue on pain killers and not to take any antibiotics! which I found weird so I went and bought an antibiotic called Rodogyl (has active ingredients of Metronidazole and Spiramycin) two pills twice daily and surgam as pain killer and anti-inflammatory (active ingredient Tiaprofenic Acid).
am still feeling pain though my face is swollen a lot and feels kinda stiff to touch.
Is there anything I can do at home to reduce swelling and any advices you can give me??
please really need your help

hi angel
please rush to a dentist, get yourself examined and get the swelling actively treated. in india we treat patients with your symptoms with IV antibiotics.
however laws of each country vary. your dentist is your best guide in this. in the meantime just rinse with warm water to ease the pain, if however warmth increases the pain then switch to cold.
best wishes

dr m


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