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QUESTION: I have a back tooth removed on October 14th (the one before the wisdom tooth on the bottom left) this morning, my tongue has knots in it and its a little sore. Is this normal or should I be concerned and get it checked out? last teeth removal I had was around 6 years ago and it was the removal of all four wisdom teeth but I don't remember my tongue feeling this way. I have another dentist appointment in a month, but wanting to know what it could be sooner rather then later

ANSWER: Hello Heather and thank you for your question.

I am not certain what you mean by knots in your tongue but I will surmise that it is some swelling and if this is not what you meant please feel free to write me again and clarify what I did not understand.  It is  very possible that during the anesthesia or during the extraction the tooth had some sharp edges and it injured your tongue. It is possible that while your tongue was numb you accidentally bit it and were unaware that this happened and when the anesthesia left you found this condition. During the night your tongue possibly became slightly more swollen and in the morning you became more aware.  It is not uncommon for this to happen and I can't say it's really normal but it happens fairly frequently.  I hope this helps and if you need to follow up with a repeat question I will be happy to respond.

Dr Karmen

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QUESTION: i'm guessing it is swelled but its in the middle of my tongue. when I squeeze it I feel bumps on the inside. the cavity was extracted almost a month ago so could it still be from that?

ANSWER: If it was a month ago I do not think it's related to the extraction.  With the location you've just described I don't think it has anything to do with that.  If you are feeling that, I a would like you to give me more detail, Exact location, size, color and firm or soft or mobile or solid. can you move it around much when you squeeze it?  It might be a swollen taste bud or a duct that is plugged but if this location is in the middle of your tongue there are not really any ducts there. Have you had any stomach problems or any gastric reflux?  Have you taken any medications that you have not been taking previously?  Have you been taking more NSAIDs like motrin or Ibuprofen?  Were there any injuries to your tongue or did you eat something that was overly spicy or too hot or cold.  I am sorry for so many questions but there is no good answer without seeing you and feeling the lump myself.  That location usually is not cancer.  I suggest you seek a professional to observe and test it. I could also be a lymph duct that has been plugged.

Dr. Karmen

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QUESTION: I have my tongue pierced ( it has been pierced for 12 years) and the "bumps" are on each side of it, I removed it of course. so it's not right directly in the center, It's a little off center. Their not real big, I can't really tell if they are moving or not, my tongue looks normal. I took two ibuprofen yesterday for a knot in my neck. I have a stress knot on the right side of my neck. It first showed up when I had my first severe panic attack and was diagnosed with severe panic disorder. The pain in the tongue isn't painful, it's annoying like a swollen taste bud. But it's not that, it's not from eating anything too hot done that before too. I have an appointment with a dentist next month, and was told if it is still like this next Monday that I can go in then and have it checked out

It is highly possible you're having a reaction to the piercing even though it's been 12 years.  Allergies can develop any time once we become sensitized.  I think it's either that or a plugged lymphatic duct but I suggest you go in and have it looked at physically. It could be what are called fibromas which are benign and not painful but it's rare to have two of them.

Dr. Karmen


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