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Is it possible to send a picture to you? My roommate has had an oral infection for two years. Through no fault of her own (insurance issues, negligent dentists) she has been unable to resolve the issues. I was told if you have an oral infection that is unresolved it can and likely will lead to oral cancer. This morning we found a white patch that is extremely concerning. I was hoping to send to you for your opinion/feedback. She has been getting increasingly sicker since the oral issues began. She is now in  a wheel chair, can barely breathe and the list goes on including that he has been unable to eat solid food for two years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Tell her to go to an oral surgeon and have any and/or all infected teeth extracted ASAP.  Oral infections won't give you cancer but they will give you heart disease, diabetes and brain infections which can kill you.  Having "no insurance" is not an acceptable excuse for leaving an infection for 2 years.  Find a way to pay for it.  If you are near a dental school or free clinic that might work but I would suggest extractions ASAP if the teeth are seemed infected.


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