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Dentistry/bone graft pain


I had a tooth extracted 2 months ago and the surgeon did a bone graft at the same time.  The pain from the area has not gone away. I feel the pain could be from the bone graft but my surgeon refuses to believe that and thinks its the sinus.
I dark area did appear on an x ray of the area three weeks ago and I was given antibiotics.

I did have a bone graft attempted 7 years ago in a nearby area that became horribly infected.

What are the chances the bone graft is causing my pain?  Could it have hit a nerve?  Could it still be infected?

I want to have the surgeon to go back and clean out the whole bone graft area since as it turns out I won't need it for an implant after all.

Please help...


Michael -what you are describing occurs more often when the doctor extracting the tooth was not careful and prematurely placed the graft before all I flamed or infected  tissue was eliminated from the extracted tooth socket.  If there was any remaining active bacteria present in tbe socket or in the surrounding bone around the socket, the bone graft placed can actually be used by the  bacteria as a medium to grow in and produce an active infection or extensive inflammation.   For that reason alone, if the tooth to be extracted shows any signs of having a problem requiring it to be extracted, other than for orthodontics, the socket should be allowed to heal for a few weeks or even a few months to insure no active bacteria in the area could produce a problem causing the graft to fail.

So having the graft removed might be the best answer to arrest any problem within the socket.  Talk to the doctor and hopefully he will make a decision basdd on the facts of what has occurred up till now.  I wish you well and hope you feel better soon.  


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