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I  am desperately seeking someone knowledgeable of nerves in gum tissue/teeth. My life changing ordeal happened when I had tooth #3 extracted after attempts to save it that failed. Soon after I started feeling like tooth#4 was popping when my tongue pressed on it. I went to several dentists and oral surgeon and was told it could have shifted. I had fillings redone in 4 and 5 being told it would help, which It didn't.  Eventually I started having an unbearable feeling that something was stuck at the gumline between the teeth. I flossed and  flossed and told e dentist and ha a periodontist check it. Other than a space between the teeh they saw nothing.  This ended with me having #4 pulled and it did not help the sensation, since I have had brain MRI, ct scan of sinus and cone beam scan, all negative. No trigeminal nueralgia, however I was sent to neurologist for medication. I have taken gabapentin titrating up to 1200 mg a day with no reileif. I am now on nortriptlyine
 50 mg at night, but still feel it.  It is not a pain that hurts, it is a feeling I have when tongue rubs across the gum where the teeth are missing and up against #5. It is constant and feels like something is pinchy or static/crawly under there. Please, if you can he in any way with why this is happening, I just want my normal life back. I have two beautiful boys that I want to have fun with again. There are no orofacial specialist in Pittsburgh where I am. Oh, and sensodyne toothpaste and lidocaine gel when placed there help a little. Also when invisalign retainer or night guard is on, I can't feel it. So if it  is covered I feel normal.
I also notice that when I sleep with the n ight guard I have less intensity of the feeling the next day, do you think clinching could have caused all of this and would clinching make gums where there are no teeth feel like there is something under the gum tissue possibly a nerve inflamed under the gum tissues.

You might try seeing Dr. Mark Och, an oral surgeon.  He sees complex cases.  I also believe there is an oral facial pain clinic at Eye and Ear.

However, you have had all of the tests, and if no one can find anything, chances are you have some sort of atypical facial neuralgia.  These can be impossible to diagnose totally.  Personally, I don't understand taking such heavy drugs for a sensation other than pain, no matter how annoying it is.  If a mouthguard helps, then by all means use it, and consider having one made that you wear all of the time except when you are eating.  You also may benefit from some psychologic sessions as obviously you have become obsessive about this issue.
There are people in excruciating pain who would be glad to swap problems with you any day of the week.  So do the mouthguard, get off the meds and get over it.  If this is your worst problem, you are better off than 90% of people.


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