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Hi Dr.
My dentist prescribed amoxicillin treatment for a tooth abscess. I brought the script to my local pharmacist and he couldn't read what the dosage was due to bad writing. I also can't read it but we think it says 250mg 3 times daily
My dentist is now away until after Christmas and as I'm very careful with taking medication I really just want to check. Do you think you could advise or help, would this be the normal prescribed dose? I am based in Ireland but we don't have this service available here.
Many thanks & Kind regards

Hello and yes this is a good dosage.  Many times I use double this amount so the amount that he has prescribed for you is adequate.  Be sure and take it exactly as directed to continue to keep the infection under control until your dentist can work on it.  If you have more severe pain or swelling then please seek the service of another dentist until your dentist returns.  Hopefully your dentist has already done some treatment to this tooth.

Dr. Karmen


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