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Dr. I may have ruined my old denture when I used a emery board on the right end of my upper denture, and I went to the dentist to get a rebase done, because he said that would fill any voids. Well, I have been having pain in that same area, that I messed up, and he has given me several adjustments. Do you think it did not fill in, because it the old denture was not even. I don't know what to do now, I would hate to get a new denture after I paid for this rebase. Thank You

i would discuss this with your dentist. normally a rebase will fill in all voids and make the denture fit like new again. a few adjustments are needed and maybe you just need a few more spots adjusted. i would just point all of this out to your dentist and let him/her keep working on making it fit perfectly. good luck

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