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I had a lower molar extracted several weeks ago and the dentist used non-dissolvable sutures. I had to return a week later to have them removed. The healing has been coming along nicely since then but obviously still has a ways to go. I recently discovered a single suture remaining and which was missed when the dentist removed the others.

It doesn't seem to be causing any problems and the gum is healing around it. Do I need to return and have it removed or can I just leave it in there? My dentist is a long trip so I don't want to have to make a return visit if i can avoid it.

i hate to tell you this but if they are non-resorbable sutures, then you need to get this last one removed. leaving it in there can cause problems later. usually you will end up with a swollen area around the leftover suture. make the call and get it out...maybe he/she can find someone closer to you to get that last suture out for you so you do not have to drive so far. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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