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Dr. Dalin, I just got a new upper denture 2 months ago, and I am already having pain in the back where the last tooth on it is. I have TMJ, mostly on the opposite side where the denture is hurting, so, I am over chewing more on the right side. The dentist has done many adjustments, and said everything seems even, and ok, and told me to chew on both sides. Do you think it is possible for me to have redness with pain, even with this new denture because I am favoring the right side more? Thanks

anything is possible...if the bite is even then this should not be an issue. if your dentist has reached his or her last idea, then i would get a second opinion and see if another pair of eyes can see something different. it sounds like your dentist has done everything correctly. he/she has tried a number of times to make it work. good luck

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