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I had two fillings about a month ago, since then I've had various levels of pain.  I've been to several dentist and an endodontist and they all think I should give it more time.  I went to the endo two days ago and he tested me to see if a root canal would be necessary.  He told me to wait as well and gave me steroids to see if we could get rid of any residual inflammation.  My teeth have been feeling better and at the test I had no pressure sensitivity, but since then I've been having an ever so slight pinch when biting, and even worse, it may be when I release the bite.  I still have 4 days of steroids left, and I'm not in any real pain, only when I bite and really only for the first couple bites.  Did I crack my tooth somehow?  I believe my dentist even smoothed the tooth down to see if it was too high, so I don't think there's too much pressure.  Does pain or pressure when releasing a bit always mean a cracked tooth?

Hello Tom and thank you for your question.  The short answer to your question is yes it is possible for a cracked tooth to exhibit such symptoms.  I think in this case I agree with the dentists you have seen locally. I am not a big fan of steroids but in this case I think they are an excellent approach to your problem.  Since the bite is not too high and there is no sign of infection it appears to be inflammation which is why steroids were prescribed.  If you picture your tooth being held in the bone by a spring which goes all the way around the root then you can imagine that when you push down on this tooth the spring will be tightened and when you let up on the tooth the spring will relax.  This is what happens in your tooth but we call the spring the periodontal ligament and it's very normal.  If this ligament gets inflamed then the exact symptoms you've described occur so if the inflammation can be relieved then the biting problem should resolve.  This doesn't always happen suddenly but for now, I think I'd stay with what you've been advised locally.  

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