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Had pain with biting and temp sensitivity re: tooth #2 fall of 2011. This tooth has multiple fillings.  Dentist said pain may go away with time- no xrays taken. June 2012, continued with same symptoms- no x-rays taken b/c I was pregnant (even though my OB said it was ok). Oct 2012, the tooth broke- no x-rays taken (OB said ok).  Told I would need a crown, but not while pregnant (OB said local anesthetic was ok, even with epinephrine) and to schedule crown for a few weeks after baby's birth.  Temporary crown placed late December without x-ray.  Throbbing pain started next day, saw dentist 3 days after temp.  X-ray taken- said it was fine, adjusted bite.  2 weeks later pain had calmed.  Permanent crown placed.  Ok at first, then temp sensitivity and pain with biting began, but unable to localize exact area of pain. Saw dentist 2 weeks later, took x-rays, said it was fine and was due to grinding teeth or my sinuses.  2 days later, throbbing escalating pain localized to tooth #2.  Was told to call an endodontist for root canal.  Endodontist saw small abscess at nerve root base and told me I tested positive with symptoms and I am now scheduled for root canal.
Is it customary to place a temporary crown without checking an x-ray?  Is it typical for the endodontist to see an abscess but the dentist not to see it?  Could something preventative be considered prior to a tooth breaking?

Dear Kristen,

Many dentists are reticent about taking X-rays of pregnant women as well as performing non emergency treatment. Of course there are times when we have to perform dentistry on women while they are pregnant. If possible I try to plan my treatment for the beginning of the third trimester.

As to taking X-rays when crowning a tooth. I personally take a pre-operative radiagraph and often take a bite-wing X-ray when fitting the permanent crown. It is possible that endodontists are more likely to notice an endodontic area at the apex of a tooth. Often dentists will send X-rays to an endodontists to evaluate.

As to what might have been done to prevent your tooth from breaking? Possibly if you were wearing a night guard it might have made the breakage of #2 less likely.


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