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My new dentist replaced the filling that I've had for over 10 years, since it was pretty big and old. The tooth got extremely sensitive. She decided to do the crown on that tooth, it was the same deep pain after any kind of fruit or liquid I would drink, second crown within 2 months, felt the same, she's doing the third crown at this time... I'm really nervous, she told me if this feels the same, super painful, we'll have to do root canal. And this is all after she decided to replace a 10 year old filling that felt just fine and did not hurt at all...

dear ruta
the process of crowning involves trimming the tooth by nearly 30%. during this process the drill reduces the outer layers of the tooth by grinding because of which a) the nerve inside the tooth comes closer to the external surface, b) the nerve undergoes a lot of stress which is both frictional (due to the heat generated) and chemical (due to the adhesive used for sticking the crown).
now uncontrolled sensitivity can occur because of the following reasons:

1) the margins of the crown are not sealing the tooth on all sides.
2) the old filling may have caused a crack in the tooth which is yet undiagnosed
3) the drill nicked the nerve tissue during trimming.
4) the nerve of the tooth just died due to repeated treatment starting from the filling to multiple changes of crowns. a phenomenon called "stress pulp syndrome".
5) the nerve of your tooth is currently inflammed due to crowning procedure.
6) you have a metal crown thats conducting heat and cold temperatures very rapidly.
for 2,3,4 root canal is the answer
for 1: a better crown is the solution
for 5: reseating the crown with a clove oil containing temporary cement is the answer.
for 6: change the metal crown and get a ceramic crown.

discuss these with your dentist. take a print of my suggestions and explore the possibilities.

best wishes
dr mayank kaurani


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