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Hello Dr. Perrone -

I recently had a filling done at the baseline of #28 at the outside toward the cheek and around toward #29. Tooth #29 is missing. When the dentist finished filling it, he asked me to run my tongue over it on all sides to see if it was flush and it is flush. However, I noted that on the side that is facing the missing tooth #29, I can feel the edge of the filling - it is not a smooth edge like on the outside of the tooth. I told the dentist this and he said he could not see what I was talking about yet I can continue to feel the edge. Is this something the dentist will never be able to see or should I go back? Or wait for the filling to come out and then go back?

Hello. It sounds like you had a bonded filling or white filling. Oftentimes when a filling is done, it blends in so well with the natural tooth, it may be hard to see areas of slight excess bonding. However, if you feel it, it is there. It should be polished with a composite polisher until you decide it is smooth.
I would suggest going back to the dentist, show him where you feel the ledge, and ask him to polish it until you no longer feel it. edges that are not smooth collect plaque, and re-decay more quickly
Polishing fillings is routine practice and should only take a few minutes.
I hope that I have answered your question fully.
Have a nice day!


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