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Dentistry/Does my husband need surgery to remove tori for dentures?


We are meeting with a surgeon for a consultation for possible removal of my husband's tori. His regular dentist suggested removing the tori so my husband can receive implants and a partial, as the partial will not fit properly due to his tori. I am apprehensive about my husband having this surgery. MUST he have surgery? Can he still wear a partial or implants? I want to know what are the options instead of surgery/tori removal?
Thank you!

Dear Katy,

Most Tori removal are pretty straightforward and nothing to be apprehensive about so long as your dentist has been trained to do the procedure.  Depending on the size and location of the Tori, you might not have a choice but to remove it if your husband is going to end up in  a partial.
Tori removal can add to the retention and comfort of the partial.



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