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hi yes i just had the tooth extracted next to my lower right back molar. I lost my back molar and was wondering if this was causing any disfigurement on my left side facial structure????it looks like it has sunken in over the years and was just wondering if it was possible and if so what should i do about that??i mean him correcting the one problem ,but should i get them both done, and if so will it bring my face back to a more natural appearance.Also one more thing is it slowly ruining me healthwise

sometimes you can see a little sinking in...the problem is trying to build it back out. implants are a good option. i am not sure what you mean by ruining you healthwise. you should make an appointment with your dentist and first get a complete thorough checkup. make sure everything is healthy everywhere in your mouth...teeth, gums, bone levels, etc. then decide what to do to get you in perfect shape. make the is time to get everything how you want it. good luck

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